Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Online Certification Course

Certified Professional Training on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Starts on 22-05-2021 5 Weekend

Digital Marketing Online Certification Course

Certified Professional Training on Digital Marketing Strategy, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Pay-Per-Click & More!
Starts on 29-05-2021 5 Weekend

IoT with Cloud Computing Online Certification Course

Certified Professional Training on how to manage the flow and storage of huge data generated by IoT through different models and implementation platforms of cloud computing.
Starts on 22-05-2021 5 Weekend

Data Science with Python Online Certification Course

Certified Professional Training on Complete Data Science: Mathematics, Statistics, Python, Advanced Statistics in Python, Machine & Deep Learning
Starts on 26-06-2021 8 Weekend

Export Business: Success Strategies, Tools & Procedures Online Certification Course

Exports play a major role in the economic development of any country. A developed economy is the one, which exports more than it imports. Higher exports draw more foreign remittances, create more jobs and lower the current account deficit; hence, imp
Starts on 05-06-2021 4 Weekend

Java Full Stack Online Course

Learn to develop a full stack Java application using Angular and Spring Boot using RESTful APIs, Spring Security for authentication & Hibernate on the data access layer.
Starts on . 6 Weekend

Web Full Stack Online Course

In our ‘Software Engineer: Full Stack Developer Course’ you will learn the skills to build database-backed APIs and web applications. You’ll get mastery in both front end and backend technologies to make responsive and interactive web application.
Starts on 6 Weekend

Advance Python with Django Online Course

Learn Python with projects covering game & web development, web scraping, MongoDB, Django, PyQt, and data visualization
Starts on 19-06-2021 8 Weekend

Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification

In the corporate world that we live in everybody is well aware of the importance of project management unless they are living under a rock. Every goals and targets in the world today are achieved through teams in the name of projects.
Starts on 6 Weekend

Block Chain Full Stack

Full-stack blockchain programming course! A backend + frontend with Node.js, Jest, Express, React, Heroku, & more!
Starts on . 6 Weekend

IoT with Blockchain

Starts on . 6 Weekend

Industrial Training on Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Internet of Things (IoT) for College Faculties

The global artificial intelligence market is valued at USD 39.9 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 42.2% from 2020 to 2027.IoT is the technology of the day which touches and transforms the every aspect of our real life.
Starts on 26-June-2021 8 Weekend

React JS and Node JS (with HTML, CSS & JS)

Learn how to develop fast, scalable server-side and network applications. 
Starts on 19-June-2021 10 Weekend


Learn the DevOps framework to help the IT development and IT operations of software enterprises to successfully integrate, communicate, collaborate and automate processes. 

Starts on 26-June-2021 7 Weekend

IoT with Data Analytics for Industry 4.0

Internet of Things (IoT) generates a huge amount of data or big data. Managing the flow and storage of this data is a tedious task for enterprises. Cloud computing with its different models and implementation platforms help companies to manage and

Starts on 26-June-2021 7 Weekend

AWS certification Training


Starts on 26-June-2021 10 Weekend